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We do offer a foster program. We select dogs that we are interested in using for breeding and offer them to families or individuals to foster. The dog is living with it's forever family but is still used for breeding. It does return for breeding and whelping but returns to live with it's family.  The dog is registered to Coram Deo Retrievers but full registration goes to the family after obligations are met. 


THe family/individual should provide a safe environment by having a secured fenced yard.

Able to provide adequate food and housing. Food is approved by breeder. 

It is encouraged to train, compete, and have the dog hunt tested.

Live within 250 miles of Waller, TX. 

If you believe that Fostering is a fit for you please contact us. If we do not have a puppy or dog ready we can put you on a list if you are approved. 


We also have an available dog who is still with us that may go to a good companion home. If you are interested in a good companion dog at a greatly reduced price that is not suitable for breeding please contact us.