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This is a copy of our contract. An actual contract is sent via document to be signed by both parties. 


Foster Program


A Foster dog lives with it’s forever family instead of leading a kennel life. Females will return to our location for breeding and return home after puppies are weaned. Males will return to our location for a shorter period of time for breeding or make a 4 day trip to the vet before going home. Dogs to be chosen for conformation, disposition and color.


Coram Deo Retrievers
This contract is between Coram Deo Retriever’s owner Lauren Ray Davis III (Breeder) and ____________________________________, the Foster . The Breeder will place the puppy or dog of choice, hereafter referred to as 'fostered Dog', with the Foster. The Foster will provide a PERMANENT safe home for the Fostered Dog and the Breeder will retain exclusive rights to the Fostered Dog for their breeding program until the foster dog has produced three to four litters. Puppies born to the Fosterd Dog shall be the sole property of the Breeder.
Description of the Fostered Dog:

Registered name: __________________________________________________
Call name: ________________ Sex: _______ Color: ______________
AKC registration #: _________________________
The Breeder agrees:

  1. The Dog is registered to the American Kennel Club.
    2. To cover all costs related to X-ray clearance, genetic testing, and all veterinary and other expenses produced related to breeding and whelping.
    3. To keep the Dog safe and well cared for while in Breeder's care.
    4. If the Dog is injured or requires veterinary treatment while in the Breeder's care, the Breeder will be responsible for costs related to injury.
    5. To take the Dog back if at any time the Foster is no longer able to look after the Fostered Dog.
    The Foster agrees:
    1. To provide a nurturing home that is safe and securely fenced for the Fostered Dog.
    2. To ensure the Fostered Dog is well cared for, exercise without over exertion or allowed to become overweight.
    3. To provide routine veterinary care at the Foster's expense. Use products recommended by the breeder and that are proven safe to use on breeding dogs.
    4. To inform the Breeder if the Dog is sick.
  2. To feed a quality food approved by the Breeder as well as supplements.
    6. That the Breeder has full and exclusive breeding rights to the Dog.
    7. To inform the Breeder at the beginning of each heat cycle and agrees to pay damages up to
    $3,500 if they do not inform the Breeder of each of the Dog’s heat cycles. If the Dog goes more than 12 months without a heat cycle, Foster agrees to allow the Breeder to take the Dog to a Vet for
    8. To deliver the Dog or make plans for the Breeder to obtain the Dog no later than day 10 of
    heat cycle in which breeding will take place.
    9. To allow the Breeder to house the dog for breeding and whelping.
    10. To deliver the dog or make plans for the Breeder to obtain the Dog, no later than one week before her due date.
    11. That the Dog will stay with the Breeder for seven weeks while whelping until puppies are
    12. To not permit the Dog to breed unless scheduled by the Breeder. Foster is not allowed to
    have/own or house any intact males.
    13. To live within 250 miles of the Breeder.
    14. That the Foster will not spay/neuter the Fostered Dog until agreement has expired unless the Breeder has
    given written consent, and furthermore, agrees to pay damages up to $6,500 if they spay/neuter the Fostered Dog without the Breeder’s written consent.
    15. To contact the Breeder immediately if they can no longer look after the Dog at ANY point
    during this contract.

Neither the Foster nor the Breeder has the right to sell the Foster Dog to another party without written consent from both parties, nor may the Breeder demand the Fostered Dog back from the Foster so long as the Foster is proving good care of the
Fostered Dog and is meeting all the requirements of this contract.
Should the Foster break any of the above agreements, the Breeder has the right to remove the
Dog from the Fosters possession immediately.
The undersigned agree to all covenants of this contract as of this _________ day of
_____________________, _____________.
Breeder's Name and Address: 
Foster Family's Name and Address:
X _____________________________ Signature of Breeder Date
X _______________________________ Signature of Foster Date