Coram Deo Girls

 Dina5 19



Our Dina was a anchor female. She is now retired and leading the good life as a sooner. 

Davis' Heart of Saint Blandina. 

She was the mother of two litters. First litter was sired by Watermark's Captain Black and the second Watermarks Shadow. Dina has a wonderful temprement and has never met a stranger. She does well with other dogs and is always happy. Her happy temprement was passed on to her daughter Pepper. 

 lexiface 1



Our Lexi. She is retired and still at Coram Deo. Lexi has a trempendous drive to fetch.  Her litter was sired by Watermark's Flying Cloud MH call name Clipper


CDR's Saint Alexandra.  



CDR's Vibia Perpetua JH

Call Name: Pepper

Pepper was sired by Watermark's Captain black and her mother was Dina. Pepper loves people, and other dogs. She is always happy, playful, and has a wonderful bird drive. Her first litter was sired by AFC Drake's Bay's Home Run Hitter MH which produced three puppies. Her second , and third  litter was with Watermark's Trailblazer MH. producing eight and six puppies. She is due another litter May 16th with AC AFC RAgin Charge of the Light Brigade MH.

lizzie9 29 2


CDR's Elizabeth Graham Atwater

Call Name: Lizzy

Lizzy was sired by Watermark's Flying Cloud MH call name Clipper and her mother ws Lexi. Lizzy has a great fetch drive and ability to work very hard. She loves family playing the game. She has whelped one litter by Watermark's Sir Moose A Lot MH and has another litter on the way in early May sired by 4x GRHRCH UH No Limit's Out Of The Blue MH HOF.  



 shady10 15asmall


CDR's Blandina's Shadow JH

Call Name: Shady

Sweet Shady was sired by Watermarks Shadow and her mother was Dina. Shady loves to do what is asked of her and loves to run. She is a half sister to Pepper and weighs about 5 to 7 pounds less than Pepper. She learns quickly, has a great bird drive and aims to please. She has had one litter in early 2024 with Watermark's Trailblazer MH. 



Coram Deo's Perpetua's Blazing Rose JH

Call Name: Rose

Rose was sired by Watermark's Trailblazer MH and her mother is Pepper. She has Peppers love of family and is really full of energy She take full advantage of all of our property running to and from as if she is on an imaginary mark. She swims gracefully and quietly and does so at every chance she gets. She will be two this fall. 



Coram Deo's Shadow Blazer of Watermark

Call Name: Teeter


Miss Teeter is the daughter of Watermark's Trailblazer and CDR's Blandina's Shadow. 

Teeter is still learning ground rules by playing the game and basic obedience. She will be off to boot camp for a while in a couple of months.  She is showing a lot of potential.